Did mystery object crash into sea at Tiwi?

Reports emerged last Saturday of an ‘object’ crashing into the sea east of Tiwi near Diani, Kwale County. Despite the account of at least one terrified fisherman, a search and rescue operation led by the Kenya Navy did not find anything.

A map showing the Tiwi area of Kenya's south coast.

A report on KTN television indicates that the story of the crash originated from a local fisherman. The unidentified individual claimed to have seen an object resembling an aircraft plunge into the sea early Saturday.

A diver, Volker Bassen, got to hear about it and spread the news. A search and rescue operation was launched the same day but was called off on Sunday.

Naturally, there is speculation about whether anything crashed at all. It is to the credit of the concerned authorities that they immediately launched a search of the area despite the little information available.

If something crashed, what was it? It is not likely to be an aircraft because nobody has reported a missing plane – yet.

There is speculation that the mystery object could be the remnant of a satellite that tumbled down from space. The problem with this theory is that anything falling from space would be destroyed during the intense heat generated when entering the earth’s atmosphere, much the same way meteorites burn off and appear to be ‘shooting stars’. There are cases in history when man-made satellites survived reentry but such an object would have had to be very large in the first place.

The truth is out there. If you happen to have further information about the Tiwi incident, please write to us: news@kenyanaviation.com or send a twit on @kenyanaviation.


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